Traveling is not all about the long walks and the new places and cultures to experience, but also about discovering new cuisines offered by the foreign place you’re in. If you’re heading to Burleigh Heads in a few days, you may want to check out some of the restaurant suggestions below:

•    Marie Anita’s (Gold Coast Highway)
For the health buff, it is somewhat inconvenient to look for the perfect diner that will not only keep your palates sated, but will also help your body absorb the right nutrients. With Marie Anita’s location on the Gold Coast Highway, it’s a cinch to get that kind of meal you want. The place is cosy and has the good food you need like the high quality gluten free baked stuff. On its menu are dishes like organic grilled haloumi salad drizzled with lemon and pink peppercorn infused olive oil, caramelized organic banana, organic baked mushrooms, vegan French toast, and a lot more that won’t make you feeling guilty at the end of your scrumptious meal.     

•    Borough Barista (The Esplanade)
If you want to know where the trendy and fashionable people of Burleigh Heads go, visit Borough Barista and you’ll instantly have the answer. With its interiors of timber and exposed brick walls, the bar gives off a cool rustic vibe. Its patrons get to enjoy the view of Gold Coast people who are jogging or running down the beach, playing with their skateboards, or sailing, right from their tables that are positioned outside the bar. Its menu is also healthy with samples like its very delicious green omelette and Acai berry blended with fresh banana, apple, and a toasted seed and nut mix.

•    The Funky Olive (Gold Coast Highway)
Want some modern Australian cuisine with some touch of Mediterreanean influence? Then The Funky Olive is your funkiest choice. Situated just a few leisurely strolls from Burleigh Heads beach, this family run restaurant has a very relaxed ambience with its rustic beach shack interiors and a lot of tables to accommodate more customers. Order your meal with the ingredients of continental cheeses, hummus, mascarpone, and garlic and wine, among others.

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Image Source : The Funky Olive Burleigh