Clear your mind, lower your heart rate, and decrease muscle tension—we all want to set ourselves free and feel like we’re a world away.

This is why we always seek the best holiday experience and travel to a place where we can experience a great relief from the worries and anxieties we experience in our normal lives, and treat ourselves to something great and something to make ourselves feel special and discover what life’s really all about.

For those who want a bit of a spiritual retreat or something to improve their wellness routine, or just to experience something relaxing and renewing, they can engage in yoga activities and further delve deeply into their inner selves.

If your next holiday destination is on the Gold Coast, then you’ll be lucky to find a great selection of yoga studios and other perfect spots to perform yoga exercises and other wellness activities as such. Listed below are a few of the most ideal places to do your yoga.

With its goal of igniting people’s vitality, revealing their infinite potential, and opening their hearts illuminating the world around them, Essence of Living provides different classes and yoga retreats in different cities in Australia. On the Gold Coast, they offer pilates and yoga sessions in the Mermaid Beach area on different schedules. If you prefer to do it in your desired place, then you can also ask for a personal class from one of their professional instructors.

Specialising in Vinyasa Flow, Traditional Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Meditation classes, Golden Yoga will help you achieve your spiritual and fitness goals and help you bring out your inner happiness through meditation, breathing techniques and asanas. Located in Burleigh Heads, Golden Yoga will help you explore your deeper being and provide you a powerful transformation within yourself.

Make your holiday on the Gold Coast a meaningful and relaxing one. Those who wish to enjoy yoga classes and retreats can also choose Paradise Grove as their holiday home on the Gold Coast. Our Burleigh Heads Holiday Apartments are located near the most exciting holiday spots around the city.

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