Presenting jaw-dropping acts of athleticism combined with the artistry of contemporary dance moves, ballet and percussive skills, Brazouka will surely capture your senses through the gravity-defying show-stoppers.

Brazouka is a mystical dance story from the streets of Brazil and it will be brought to the Gold Coast to amaze and bring a newly incredible dance showcase to the Australian audience as it will serve as a remarkable dance-drama extravaganza that everyone must see.

Be there at the Jupiters Theatre in Broadbeach on 3 December until the 18 January 2015 and catch the Brazouka, which will feature 16 amazing dancers to take audiences on a wonderful journey of great passion, scorching sensuality, energetic music and explosive energy.

Brazouka is an exceptional dance-drama performed by Brazil’s most excellent and talented new troupe. Created by Pamela Stephenson-Connolly and Arlene Phillips, as well as Burn the Floor’s founder Harley Medcalf, this show promises to be an exciting and thrilling arts spectacle that will be a feast for the senses.

Brazouka represents a sensational and distinctive new dance language of Lambazouk and other authentic Brazilian dances. It is performed in a marvellous variety of styles that will take the audience on their feet, as they move to the powerful Brazilian rhythms.  

The brilliant performers will be showcasing the sensual dance language of Lambazouk, along with the bouncy Forro style, remarkable martial arts/dance Capoeira, Afro-contemporary, Rio Zouk and the bubbly partner dances of the Samba.

Brazouka will absolutely present the remarkable Brazilian style and culture, which the dancers will actually express with their dynamism and enchanting eclecticism of a living, breathing, and fast evolving dance-form.

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Image Source : Brazouka