Situated in Miami, the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market is the area’s first and only genuine organic growers market. Foodies and lovers of organic food will love to browse through the stalls and find the freshest ingredients.

Every Sunday from 6am to 11:30am, the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market fills up with a range of stalls that sell certified organic produce and products. Have your pick of the freshest, tastiest, top quality organic produce.

Choose among the diverse selection of fresh and dried popular herbs and “heritage” varieties of seasonal vegetables. There’s also sourdough bread, gluten-free bread, freshly-made espresso coffee and teas, home-made jams, sauces, spreads, eggs, honey, fresh salad mixes and a complete range of health foods. Enjoy food that is healthy and delicious as well.

Aside from fresh food, the Market also offers organic cosmetics, books and information on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Treat yourself to fresh and wholesome organic food. Head over the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market held at Miami State High School within minutes from our Burleigh Heads Family Resorts.

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Image Source : Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market