Tropical Fruit World is the home of the world’s largest variety of tropical fruit. Aside from fresh fruits, Tropical Fruit World offers a number of tours and attractions.

Taste weird and wonderful fruits at the Miracle Fruit Show. Imagine eating fruits like the miracle fruit, the ice cream bean, chocolate pudding fruit, champagne fruit and many more. Treat yourself to sweet chutneys, jams, preserves and other unique products available at the plantation.

Climb onboard the Miniature Train Ride and take a fun tour of the Island. Along the way, you will see a large lagoon covered with a mass of water lilies. If you would rather travel by water, try the Jungle River Cruise. Take a slow tranquil ride along a jungle river teeming with wildlife.

Be adventurous and climb aboard the tractor train for a safari ride through the plantation. Your tour guide will share interesting facts about the fruits and the plantation. Stop along the plantation trail and crack some macadamia nuts under the trees. Learn about how avocados grow, see the world’s largest tree-borne fruit, or eat fruits straight from the tree.

Explore the wonderful plantation through Rainforest Walks, Fauna Park, Orchard Discovery Walks, Koi Fish Feeding and many more.

Seeing all the fruits might leave you hungry for more. Drop by Rainforest Café which serves “plantation to the plate” cuisine. Try fresh fruit ice cream and a selection of parfaits. Satisfy your cravings with freshly made burgers and snacks. There are delectable desserts all featuring fruits grown on the Tropical Fruit World plantation. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

Enjoy a healthy dose of fun at Tropical Fruit World just a short drive from our Burleigh Heads Family Resorts.

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