David Fleay Wildlife Park

Set back in a secluded stretch of bushland not far from our Burleigh Heads family accommodation, the David Fleay Wildlife Park is a must visit for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

The park was founded in the memory of dedicated local naturalist David Fleay and to this day remains committed to protecting and promoting our national wildlife, particularly endangered species.

As you explore the boardwalks that wind through the cool green rainforest you will discover a fascinating selection of rare and beautiful animals wandering freely in their natural habit, including cassowaries, wedge tailed eagles and Lumholtz’s tree kangaroos. Step into the darkness of the nocturnal house to come face to with a host of elusive night time dwellers, including the mahogany glider, the greater bilby and the wonderfully playful platypus.

The park aims to minimize disruption to the natural behavior of its native wildlife as much as possible; so there are no opportunities to cuddle a koala or feed a croc here – just a rare and unforgettable chance to appreciate our rarest native wildlife in a stunning natural park.

Explore on your own or join a fascinating guided tour.

To find out more, please visit: http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/wildlife-ecosystems/wildlife/david_fleay_wildlife_park/index.html