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Can I keep a pet in my property?

Owners: To keep a pet in your property you must gain approval from Body Corporate. To do this you must write to your Body Corporate committee seeking approval, the Body Corporate commitee will vote to either give approval or to deny approval. 

Tenants: Pets are not permitted in rental properties.

Can my visitors park within the complex?

Visitors are permitted to park in the complex, there are two types of carparks that can be utilised: A 24 hour parking bay that does not require approval to utilise, the 24 hour carpark can only be used for 24 hours within any 48 hour period. 7 day car park there are 7 day car parks that can be utilised for guest that are staying for an extended period of time, to utilise this car park a permit must be obtain from Management located at the office. 

Do I have to book to utilise the tennis court?

Yes, you must book to use the tennis court, there is a booking register located in the foyer at the office. Please note each unit is only allowed to utilise the tennis court for 1 hour per day. 

Do I have to book to use the BBQ/Entertainment area?

No, you do not have to book to utilise this service. however you must leave the BBQ/Entertainment area in a clean state after using it. 

Can I take food and drink into the pool area?

Yes you can however no glass is allowed in the pool area and food is not permitted in the pool itself. The area must be left in a clean state after you are finished.

I would like to get a roommate What is the process ?

To allow an additional person to reside in a rental property you must have the person/s fill out an approved applicant form. After an application has been filled out Management will contact the owner of the property to gain approval.